5 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Year: 2015

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes

As summer is coming to a close we get in the mood for sweater weather. Which is some cases might lead to getting off track with living a healthy lifestyle. The fact is summer bodies are built in the cold months. Before the holiday (overeating) season starts here are 5 simple lifestyle changes to help

Shooting Tips: The Guide Hand- It can make or break your shot!

This video discusses one of the key components to shooting a basketball. The “off” or “guide” hand is a concept that many players struggle with. Over the course of our basketball playing and coaching careers we have observed many players doing strange things with their off hand. The guide hand is used for guidance on

Be Prepared your moment is coming- Fuel for your fire

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51umej5SvXc Tbt to Linsansity. An drafted free agent who was told he was too small and not athletic enough to play in the NBA. Jeremy Lin spent 3 weeks sleeping on a friends coach before he was catapulted into the NBA spotlight and the phenomenon known as “Linsanity” began. Through out all his adversities he

Turn your failures into success- Fuel for your fire

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfmMUnfNhMg Learn to use your failures as fuel to your fire. Every time you feel as if you have been over looked or disrespected, simply use that as motivation to get better. On the other hand every time you feel as if you are at the top or you are comfortable where you are in

Russell Westbrook’s Relentless Pursuit of Greatness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTcTo0ZpGgY Russell Westbrook embodies everything that Shooting Stars wants it’s athletes to become. He is a 6 foot 3 ball of energy, fire and passion. His relentlessness is not matched by ANYONE in the NBA. He is an absolute animal on the court. Westbrook will simply destroy your will to play. He will come after

Live like a Champion- The Impact Of Former NCAA Champion Jimmy Valvano

Today is the anniversary of one of the greatest speeches in sports history by former North Carolina State Coach Jim Valvano. He was a courageous man who dared to cancer in the face and refused to let it his core. His courage in the face of cancer has given others diagnosed with cancer the strength