Turn your failures into success- Fuel for your fire

Month: July 2015

Turn your failures into success- Fuel for your fire

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfmMUnfNhMg Learn to use your failures as fuel to your fire. Every time you feel as if you have been over looked or disrespected, simply use that as motivation to get better. On the other hand every time you feel as if you are at the top or you are comfortable where you are in

Russell Westbrook’s Relentless Pursuit of Greatness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTcTo0ZpGgY Russell Westbrook embodies everything that Shooting Stars wants it’s athletes to become. He is a 6 foot 3 ball of energy, fire and passion. His relentlessness is not matched by ANYONE in the NBA. He is an absolute animal on the court. Westbrook will simply destroy your will to play. He will come after

Live like a Champion- The Impact Of Former NCAA Champion Jimmy Valvano

Today is the anniversary of one of the greatest speeches in sports history by former North Carolina State Coach Jim Valvano. He was a courageous man who dared to cancer in the face and refused to let it his core. His courage in the face of cancer has given others diagnosed with cancer the strength

5 Tips for Shooting

1. KISS- Keep It Straight Stupid- In order to optimize shooting accuracy and increase shooting percentages you must keep your shooting wrist as straight as possible. A straight shooter is a great shooter. 2. “Lock down” your wrist- For optimum shooting control over the ball. You must snap our wrist all the way down until


Put your head down and work and one day you will look up and be where you want to be.