10 Tips to Instantly Improve your Scoring Average- Basketball Game Time Tips

10 Tips to Instantly Improve your Scoring Average- Basketball Game Time Tips

10 Tips to Instantly Improve your Scoring Average- Basketball Game Time Tips

1. Be Aggressive- When you get the ball look to see where you have your advantage over your defender.  And look to score and be a play maker on your team. Remember you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

2. Take Shots you can make- Obviously if you are not a 3 point shooter. Do not go on the court and start jacking up threes unless you are trying to get benched. But take the shots that you work on and practice and you have hit consistently before.

3. Learn to read screens- Reading screens can get you open uncontested looks and even he occasional layup. Obviously, the more open shots you have the higher your shooting percentage will be and you score more points.

4. Learn to pace, explosion, and control- Basketball is a game of deception. And there are very few things that are more deceptive than a burst of speed. It is very easy to guard someone that is at a constant speed. While on the contrary, it can be very difficult to guard someone that is “shifty” or plays at many different speeds.

5. Use the backdoor- If you have a very aggressive defender the next time he is out of positioning by cutting to the hoop for an easy layup.

6. Run The Floor- Running on the fast break can lead to easy lay up and put back opportunities.

7.  Become A Good Actor- I know some call it “flopping” but as anyone who watches or plays basketball knows that if “flopping” is done right it can lead to foul trouble for your opponent and many free throws for you.

8. Make your free throws- This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Making your free throws can instantly boost your scoring average because if you become a good actor you will be shooting a lot of free throw So go to the line and sink them! Their free points!

9. Play Defense- Ironically, playing defense will get you a lot of easy opportunities to score with steals and deflections leading to easy fast break points. Additionally, the quicker you can stop your opposition from scoring the quicker you will get the ball back.  There’s an old basketball saying,”The best offense is a good defense.”

10. Play Hard-  This is probably the most important tip. Give it all you got every time you step on the court and treat every game as if it might be the last game you will ever play. Take chances and make mistakes. Even when things don’t go your way. Just play harder.

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