5 Tips for Shooting

5 Tips for Shooting

5 Tips for Shooting

1. KISS- Keep It Straight Stupid- In order to optimize shooting accuracy and increase shooting percentages you must keep your shooting wrist as straight as possible. A straight shooter is a great shooter.

2. “Lock down” your wrist- For optimum shooting control over the ball. You must snap our wrist all the way down until it is locked out and you can feel it locked into place.

3. Have mental control over the ball- Remember the ball cannot move without you. You control the ball and tell it where to go.

4. Confidence and Control- Remember basketball is about having the confidence to take the shot while having the control to make the shot.

5. Use your middle finger- Your middle finger is a great shooting tool because it is in the center of hand and if your middle finger is straight then your hand is straight. And a straight shooter is a great shooter!

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