10 Tips To Becoming A Great Rebounder- Basketball Game Time Tips

10 Tips To Becoming A Great Rebounder- Basketball Game Time Tips

10 Tips To Becoming A Great Rebounder- Basketball Game Time Tips

Rebounding is one of the vital aspects to the game of basketball. Teams that do not rebound often struggle to compete and win basketball games as it leads to second and third scoring opportunities for the opponent. But contrary to popular belief you do not have to be exceptionally tall to become a great rebounder. You just need the heart and desire to compete for the ball at all cost with a little bit of technique. There are NO EXCUSES when it comes to rebounding the basketball especially defensive rebounding. ALL 5 on the court should attack the glass and rebound on defense. But few coaches, trainers, and players give tips on rebounding and how to become a better rebounder despite it’s importance. So I am here to help turn you into a double double machine with these tips.

1. Box Out- I know you have have heard this term everywhere but there is no underestimating the importance of getting a body on someone.

2.Understand the flight of the ball- You must understand that if the ball is shot one side of the court that it is most likely going to bounce to the opposite side.

3.  Watch others shoot- Watch people shoot in order to gain an understanding of angles and the flight of the ball.

4. Anticipate- By watching others shoot you will gain the ability to be able to anticipate where the ball is going.

5. Track the ball- Watch the ball from the second it leaves a players hands to shoot until another player receives it.

6. Create space for the ball to “drop”- One of the worst things to do when trying to rebound the basketball is too get directly underneath the hoop because unless the ball barely hits the rim or an air ball is shot you will not be able to gather the rebound. So create some space for the ball to “drop” down into in case of a long rebound.

8. Be Physical- Underneath the basketball can be a war zone. So do not go down there unless you are ready to be physical and “own your space”. Being physical will allow for more room for you to rebound and will also create that “drop zone” for the ball.

9. Be Relentless-  Many people stop chasing the ball when it gets a certain distance away from them. But in order to become a great rebounder you must get the mentality that every rebound is yours no matter how far it is or how fast the ball is moving. You must be relentless in your pursuit of the basketball.

10. Crash the Boards- Crash the Boards on every shot! Offensive or Defensive, it doesn’t matter every time the ball is shot you should be crashing the boards as it will give you the opportunity to be involved in the play and touch the ball. And just by the simply fact that you are crashing the boards you might get a lucky bounce and end up with the basketball.

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